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JFK To 9/11


JFK was long before I was even born and I was never particularly interested in the story. In fact, I never even saw the Oliver Stone movie.

But after spending three and a half hours watching “JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick” the main question I am left wondering is why so much of the eye witness testimony I’ve simply never heard. There are at least two films of the assassination I’ve never even heard of – I thought there was just the one Zapruder film. These various pictures of the scenes, the many interviews given by various people years later – I never even knew they existed.

But as someone who – quite by accident and happenstance – was somewhat of a witness to the events of September 11, 2001, I can understand the pattern perfectly well.

Hell, I started this blog so I could talk about 911 and what do you know, three years later I’m living in a foreign country after having fled the US after a series of utterly improbable events.

Laughably, I used to consider myself a “ladies man” while now, looking back, I just realize how utterly easy it was to distract and entrap me by sending around a few pretty girls who were, er, “loose,” as it were.

Now, this film is certainly politically biased – the atrocities of the Russian Communists are glossed over while the atrocities of the German National Socialists are exaggerated, but regardless of the political bias, it’s simply the facts and testimony that are somewhat astounding.

I especially like the “limited hangout” film “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” which was then “banned” from the History Channel – while made available on youtube.com (owned by NSA partner Google.com.) This reminds me so much of Judith Woods and her “energy beams brought down the WTC” “theory” and the entire VeteransToday/VeteransNewsNow websites, who promoted ludicrous nonsense about 9/11 to distract from the real “truthers” like AE911Truth.

It’s a very effective tactic.


As for the “crisis actors” stuff – I can say this. I had an opportunity to be the star witness on the front page of a major US newspaper on September 12, 2001 – and I did not take it. I never even called the reporter back (who I knew personally.) I had no interest in being a “media star.” I don’t know what to say about the people who did.

I DID, however, a year later, “dip my toe” into the idea of saying some things to “debunk” some of the things being said that I knew were lies – but I did not, because, quite frankly, I was somewhat scared to do so, believing – perfectly justified I think, that I would simply be attacked.

I would like to point out that there was a RELENTLESS campaign, between 2001 to 2005, of slander against the survivors and family members of the victims of the 911 attacks that did, in fact, try to “set the record straight.” Such media luminaries as Bill O’Reilly of FOX News, Glenn Beck of ClearChannel Radio, and various “left wing progressives” like Amy Goodman of Pacifica Radio, Jonathan “Stewart” Liebowitz of Viacom, and Noam Chomsky that took every opportunity to slander, attack, villify, and demonize the survivors and victim’s family members of 911 that did “speak out” against the “official narrative.” More than one were personally threatened.

I was personally threatened. So, ask yourself, 15 years later – what would you do? Be a hero? What good would it do? Most Americans didn’t want to hear about any “conspiracy theories.” Hell, that Mexican guy who had saved countless people in the WTC by unlocking all the doors – George W. Bush himself gave him the Medal of Freedom – he was ruthlessly slandered as a “liar” for saying that bombs were going off in the basement even BEFORE the plane hit.

But perhaps Chicago itself might be a good place to pause and reflect on a word of warning to the citizens of the United States before they start thinking about the next American revolution. We should always remember that Al Capone was always seen as a hero by the ordinary working people of his own time because he always gave them what they wanted: booze, sex, gambling and drugs. Some Americans have even been candid enough to admit this:

“We all play the numbers, we all go to the race track, you know what I mean? We all cheat a little”.

Then, there are the “two-way mirrors in a brothel.”

I realized a while back I could never run for office – not that I ever had any desire to do so.

So think about it. You’re some 23 year old, on your way up. Some pretty girl – she says she’s 18 – comes around. What if she isn’t? Now you’re a felon – who knows maybe even on camera?

You’d never talk.

Even if you wreck me
Even if you waste the youth I’ve got
Baby even if the cops come calling
I’ll never talk


8 comments on “JFK To 9/11

  1. Hipster Racist
    July 30, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist.

  2. Hipster Racist
    July 30, 2015

    Whoa … the views on this thread are blowing up – over a thousand in half a day???!!

  3. Zobbo
    July 30, 2015

    I’m 30 minutes into the JFK-911 video.
    In it, we’re told that the rise of Hitler to power was financed by “US illuminatis” to counter Bolchevik Russia that scared these people and the Royal families of Europe to death.

    If so, why was nazi Germany finally crushed by the allied forces?
    Why was it Stalin and not Hitler that finally attended the Yalta conference?
    Why were the cultural marxists from the yeshiva of Frankfurt, whose aim was to spread the bolchevik revolution by destroying Western Culture, welcomed with open arms in the States?

    Unless someone can come up with sensible answers to these simple questions, I’m afraid this whole movie has to be considered like a load of horse manure.
    Seriously, do you have any?

    • Hipster Racist
      July 30, 2015

      Well I did say it was biased. The use of the terms “devils” and “illuminatis” is very overblown, I’ll give you that.

      It’s not at all controversial to note that industrialists financed the National Socialists in the 1930s as a bulwark against Communism. As A. Nolen has pointed out, the Bolsheviks themselves were financed by various Wall Street interests – left wingers simply are not smart enough to realize that “Communism” is quite compatible with banking and finance – in fact, it’s great for them. The state organizes all of the slave labor that is used to pay back the loans made directly to the state.

      FDR and his henchmen loved the USSR, and various other elite groups instead sided with the Germans. The really smart money played both sides.

      So if you can simply accept the film is biased towards one side, you can learn a lot about various “elite” groups of the time. The fact that the CIA was in bed with the mafia is pretty well known. What I’m guessing the filmmaker does not get is that the CIA formed out of the old OSS (Office of Strategic Services) which was FDR’s left-wing hatchet men. The CIA has always actually been “left wing” comparatively.

      But of course if you’re a left-winger, “left” means “good” and “right” means “bad.”

      • Zobbo
        July 31, 2015

        Indeed, I do know that nazi Germany was in part financed by the anglo-saxon elite.
        I learned a lot from this great book: The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden by Caroll Quigley.
        What struck me was the overuse of the words “nazis” and “fascists”. Ludicrous…
        And also the fact that the movie, as a whole, appears to be very complacent towards jews. Not a mention of them as part of the ruling elite, of their control of finance, of the media, etc. (ie who were FDR’s henchmen but a bunch of kikes, eh?)

        I’m eager to watch the rest of the movie to see if my impression is confirmed, if it continues in the same vein, by blaming only the “nazi wasp elite”. And if so, how they will succeed in downplaying the role played by the jewis in 911.
        If they manage that, kudos to them, a real “tour de force”!

        PS the theory on the JFK assassination, which I’ve just been watching, is indeed very interesting and instructive. But at the same time, it’s only that, a theory, and we’ll never know for sure if it’s true or not.
        Thanks for your answer!

  4. indravaruna
    July 31, 2015

    The Bolshevik Revolution was financed by jewish bankers in Wall Street and London, you should read about the life of Jacob Schiff, its straight out of ‘The Protocols of Elders of Zion’ but is all real.

    I know many jews that still love Stalin, he purged the jewish Troskytes which helped the creation of the Neocon movement within jewish NYC intellectuals.

  5. Hipster Racist
    August 1, 2015
  6. Kylie
    August 3, 2015

    Hipster what happened in terms of what hit the towers? The most radical theories say none did, while the most conservative ones say the planes were actually hijacked. Were you there or near there? I’ve meant to ask the two specific people I sort of know who were either in one tower or leaving the other one right as ‘they hit,’ but I’d have to do work and it’s not certain they even know, really.

    What do you think?


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