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The Spy Who Drugged Me

When you are ready to move on or if you come to peace with pain, you’ll find a silver lining. — Miley Cyrus, Miles to Go

During that process, a lot of things developed and were allowed to develop, necessarily, at least they thought they were necessary, that are kind of, incompatible or don’t work good with a free and open society. … I say what Bill used to say, if it’s done right, you’ll never know who did it, or why. … And in this case, in my own mind, I absolutely do not believe the man went out, fell out of his canoe, and drowned. I believe, for whatever reason, he was a thorn in somebody’s side, and he had to be shut up and that’s what occurred. — John DeCamp, author of The Franklin Cover-up, on the death of former CIA director William Colby


I think Miley Cyrus, or one of her handlers, read this series because as soon as I introduced the LSD, she does a cover of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds with the Flaming Lips and makes a super-trippy drug video for it. Flogging Miley gave her the hipster credibility she always craved, so now she won’t have to do all the slutty twerking stuff anymore. I made her cool.

So the rumor is that Miley Cyrus is a beta-programmed sex kitten. So, you see, the Disney Company recruits these child stars, then they are drugged and brainwashed and forced to go to sex parties with the rich and famous. If you know the secret code word, Miley will take her clothes off and have sex with you. Now where in the world would people get such ideas, anyway?

Well, by the 1970s, the CIA had already drugged thousands of people with LSD, and other drugs, and likely started that whole “hippie culture” thing anyway. It was a great place to do the drug experiments they were no longer legally supposed to be doing. Operation Dormouse was a plan to give MK-Ultra to the press, to lead them off of the real program they were hiding: Operation Artichoke. MK-Ultra involved thousands of civilian researchers at some of the most important institutions in America; universities, hospitals, and the CIA had worked in partnership with the leading lights of the medical and academic establishments. That would provide cover in case Americans got angry that the CIA had been experimenting on their own citizens.

OK, maybe, but what does that have to do with the United States invading Grenada?

Thought you’d never ask. So, long before Miley was born, the United States invaded Grenada, and accidentally bombed a mental hospital. It was a pretty convenient accident, because rumor had it the US did not want the records that were in that hospital to fall into outside hands.

Joseph Holsinger was the chief and staff and good friend of Congressman Leo Ryan. Leo Ryan was the US representative from San Francisco that went down to Guyana to visit Jonestown, where he was murdered. Here’s what Joe Holsinger and Judge John have to say about it:

Joseph Holsinger: Originally, it was my belief at the time I went to Washington that the purpose of our involvement there was to support the government for commercial reasons, and they used the People’s Temple almost as enforcers, to help support an unpopular government there, to keep control of the government of Guyana.

The deputy chief of mission there, Richard Dwyer, was in fact the CIA station chief, and he was the one that went to Jonestown with Leo’s party, and he claimed to be slightly wounded, but there was a tape made at the time of the murders and suicides there, with Jones yelling “get Dwyer out of here, get Dwyer out of here, and the indications are that Dwyer went back to Jonestown after Leo Ryan was murdered and was there at the time. And there’s great questions just who shot Jim Jones and why, whether Jones was shot to shut him up.

The question is also as to how these people died and just when they died.


Joseph Holsinger:George Philip Blakey was a top Jones aid, he was the man that arranged the purchase or the lease of the land in Guyana, he provided the money and arranged the lease down there in 1974. He also is tracked now as being a CIA operative in Angola in 1975 with UNITA. He’s also the same guy who was a top aid who arranged all the purchases and finances, he’s also the husband of Deborah Leighton Blakey, who fled Jonestown and made those charges. He’s the brother-in-law of Larry Leighton who was just acquitted yesterday, and it’s interesting to note that the Pacifica Times Tribune says yesterday that the jury agreed with the defense contention that Leighton was brainwashed and drugged at the time of the shootings and could not be held criminally responsible.

But the gist of what I’m getting to is this, a lot of documentation which I will provide you here today, indicates the strong possibility that those People’s Temple was, in reality, a mass mind control experiment conducted by the CIA as a follow-up to something called MK-Ultra, which they conducted from the early 50s through 1974. They used to use the VA hospitals, the state hospitals, they used the federal penitentiary, for their experiments.

Questioner: Do you think Jim Jones was actively involved in the CIA?

Jospeh Holsinger: I do now.

Questioner: Do you have any conclusions of how the people died in Jonestown?

Joseph Holsinger: Yes, I have, part of our documentation here, is a report, attached here, of the chief medical officer in Guyana, Dr. Leslie Moto. He reported, and this is attached here, in his opinion is that more than 700 of those bodies found at Jonestown were not suicide victims, but were murdered. They have based this on the injection marks in the upper arms. Page 4 of my statement here.

Questioner: By injection you say?

Joseph Holsinger: Yes, and by gunfire. There were a lot more people killed by gunfire than they have ever admitted so far. We even heard reports were told there were 50 men with guns ringed around there so they couldn’t get out, and very few of them did get out. According to the chief medial officer in Guyana, most of those people down there were murdered rather than suicided.

Questioner: Who is suppressing all this? Are you suggesting the CIA was active in the suppression?

Joseph Holsinger: Yes, I’m suggesting to you that a lot of the things that don’t make sense here, I’m suggesting that the long delay in the press getting in there for several days was caused by a deliberate attempt to manufacture the story, which has now been accepted, and sold successfully to the American people.

Questioner: And what is that story that you think people are falsely accepting?

Joseph Holsinger: That in effect this was a large group of disillusioned or rather disoriented black people who went down to Guyana and who turned their backs on this country and committed suicide and we might as well get rid of them, that they were an aberration type of thing. I think that’s the story that has been peddled. When you see the documentation here,you’ll begin to wonder yourself.

It’s my impression at this time that they were conducting some sort of mind control experiment. For example, they had a very modern hospital down there which they bragged about. So modern, they had medical check ups for everyone, every day. There’s no need for that unless you’re conducting experiments where you’re having control groups and you’re giving people drugs, they gave them their “vitamins” every day. My guess is that they were just using them as guinea pigs to see what they could do under isolated circumstances, they take them off into a jungle some place far away from everybody, and get them there somehow, then they are able to see how these various drugs work, on different groups.


Judge John: I don’t know where all the survivors are, many of them survived because they cooperated with the plan and were meant to survive, that’s the case with the basketball team and other people. They got to Georgetown and eventually came back to the United States, some of them were out on a ship. The ones that were on the boat with Blakey went to Trinidad then they went to Panama and emptied a five million dollar bank account at Credit Suisse, and then they went to Grenada. They set up shop in Grenada, I believe, in the mental hospital there, with Dr. Bourne and his father who worked in primate research with MK-Ultra. Bourne set up all the methadone programs in the United States for the Rockefeller’s, and I think there were experimenting on the mental patients, because that was the only building bombed in the invasion of Grenada. There was 180 inmates in the psychiatric institution, murdered, dumped into a mass grave, and then the Us was going to send 400 million to rebuild the hospital. You know, they were going to make it a better unit to experiment on people after the got the right government in.

There were drugs and guns being smuggled in and out and there were relations, mercenaries, some of these killers, were taken in and out of Angola, the CIA backed UNITA forces, by Blakey, Iran mercenaries, and they did run guns and drugs, but the operation was primarily an extension of MK-Ultra. People were taken off the streets, here in San Francisco, out of the welfare rolls, from the elderly homes, and from the psychiatric institutions, from the prisons, children who were wards of the court, turned over into their control. They put them in buses, they took them to Miami, and I talked to an air traffic controller when they landed in Guyana all of the blacks were bound and gagged, coming off of the plane. People five miles away didn’t even know there were blacks at Jonestown, all they had ever seen of the People’s Temple were the white crew that was running it, going in and out of the cities, they were buying Guyanese babies from women wherever they could give a blanket or something for a baby, taking them back in there. There was massive experimentation, there were enough drugs, on site, the drug the population of Georgetown, Guyana, 120,000 people, for more than a year. For a population of 1200 people in this camp.

Wow. I wonder how Radix Journal missed it? Either way, surely Hipster, you aren’t suggesting they would do something like that to poor Miley Cyrus?

Would they?


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    December 4, 2014

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  2. Berry Gordy, Jr.
    September 4, 2015

    Thank you! Almost every report on Jonestown somehow misses the glaringly obvious facts you’ve presented here.
    Sick track, too.


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