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The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil, Part I: Jenny

christian-school-uniformI don’t remember, I think we met in the hallway, between classes. She said, “let’s go. We have to go now!” We ran outside. We kept running, to the edge of the parking lot. Then we heard her voice.

“Where do you think you’re going? Get back here, both of you.”

I stopped.

“Now,” she snapped.

Jenny stopped, turned around, looked at me. A tear rolled right down her cheek.

“I can’t go home,” she said. “I’ll get in trouble!”

She was wailing now.

“My dad will hit me. I can’t do it. Let’s run away!”

“We can’t,” I said. “Where will we even sleep? Where are we supposed to go?”

“I can’t!” She was wailing now. “My dad hits me. Not just spanks me, on my legs. It leaves a bruise! It’s really bad!”

She was sobbing now.

“It hurts. I have to run away, with or without you!”

“What? Why don’t you tell someone?”

“He hits me on my legs! I can’t get in trouble!”

The voice snapped out again. “If you don’t get back here right now, I’m going to call the police. Now. Let’s go. Your parents are already on the way.” We could both see her, looking out the doorway. I don’t even know how she caught us so quickly.


So there Jenny was, bawling her eyes out now. My mind raced. I thought, maybe we could sleep in the woods or something. Under a bridge. Just keep walking until we figured something out. My rational mind actually thought, maybe, maybe, we could at least make it through the night. It was really scary, but also a very exciting thought. I thought of Jenny and I, huddled somewhere. Like something out of Huck Finn, we’d run through the woods, down the road, make our fortune somewhere.

I remember that morning, in first period. I forgot who, but someone told me. One of my friends, he said, “Tom told on you. I saw him talking to Mr. Slink. You’re really going to get in trouble.” On the break between first and second period, we sort of huddled, whispered to each other. I just remember my heart pounding in my chest. It was almost like an out of body experience. I’ve never felt so scared. Panic. But at the same time, with the panic, was a weird calm. In fact, it was like two sensations battling it out, panic, and a strange, total calm.

We had stonewalled at first. They asked us altogether, in a group, all four of us. Then they split us up, interrogated us. At some point, and I couldn’t tell you who, someone broke. Someone spilled their guts. It was obvious they weren’t sure about the whole story, and they had brought up some irrelevant things, but at some point I could tell it had gotten really serious. Like, police serious.

I would find out later, not just police serious – FBI serious. I didn’t even really know what that was. I figured we might actually go to jail or something.

At some point, Jenny and I decided to make a run for it. And we started running, made it right to the edge of the property, right to the fence, but that’s where they saw us. That’s where she started to order us back.

So there Jenny was, her blue eyes crowded with tears, her voice breaking, imploring me.

“We have to go!” she wailed.


But I broke. I chickened out. I said, “I’m sorry, I can’t.” I hung my head in shame, turned away from Jenny, and started walking back. From behind me, I heard Jenny break down in tears, and start following me back to the building.

That would be the last time I ever saw Jenny.

So, I guess I should start the story with the first time I met Jenny.



Sometimes I feel so happy,
Sometimes I feel so sad.
Sometimes I feel so happy,
But mostly you just make me mad.

Linger on, your pale blue eyes.

Thought of you as my mountain top,
Thought of you as my peak.
Thought of you as everything,
I’ve had but couldn’t keep.

Linger on, your pale blue eyes.

If I could make the world as pure and strange as what I see,
I’d put you in the mirror,
I put in front of me.

Linger on, your pale blue eyes.

Skip a life completely.
Stuff it in a cup.
She said, Money is like us in time,
It lies, but can’t stand up.
Down for you is up.

Linger on, your pale blue eyes.

It was good what we did yesterday.
And I’d do it once again.
The fact that you are married,
Only proves, you’re my best friend.
But it’s truly, truly a sin.

Linger on, your pale blue eyes.

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