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Whisperer’s Tale 2

Damsel in Distress

Damsel in Distress

It was a big party because it was in two apartments. There must have been over 100 people there, maybe more. And there was always lots of alcohol at Wigger’s Pet’s parties. He was Wigger’s Pet, she always hung out with him.

Well there we are at the party, He and I, Queen George, Wigger and Goth.

So Pet’s parties were always fun, lots of pot smoking, lots of people. And lots of food. At some point I got separated from him. That’s right, I went dancing at the apartment next door. Plus, I was trying to make him jealous. He probably didn’t even notice that I was gone. I would find out later he was trying to pick up Soft Boobs, but she had pissed him off for some reason.

I was dancing and kept looking for him and hoping he would come in and see me, but he never did. I kept watching to see if he was going to come and see me dancing. So I went to go look for him. And some guy stopped and talked to me. He was, not … I wasn’t attracted to him at all, but I thought, “oh I can make use of this situation.” So I let guy talk to me, and we stood by the doorway so He could see me. Then, this guy kept trying to get me to do shots with him, but I didn’t want to. I told him I never drink liquor.

I was still waiting for him to come looking for me. So I could make him jealous. So I had to put up with this guy’s crude attempts at trying to get me drunk so he could imagine the possiblility he could ever do something with me. He started to get angry because I wasn’t interested in just drinking alcohol and turning into a slut.

Then I went and found Him. And He wanted to smoke, so we went outside. We went downstairs, and there were lots of people downstairs.

And there she was. The slut. The $200 Whore. I knew he had already fucked her. I knew she owed him $200 so I told him he was his $200 whore. He thought it was very funny. He had given her $200 to buy some weed and she never delivered by the time they stopped “talking” to each other. He was pissed but I told him, “well, she was a whore and fucking her cost you $200.” He seem satistifed with the idea.

The slut was flirting with two guys at the same time, one on each side of her. She would rub her body against one, then rub her body against the other one. And she was quite drunk.

It was disgusting what she was doing, making a spectacle of herself, but everyone was enjoying the show.


Wigger said, “It’s such a shame these young girls get drunk and behave like that. And make a spectacle of themselves.” He was right there when she said it.

So Goth asks him, “didn’t you used to date her?”

He said, “um, sure if that’s what you want to call it.”

Goth laughed. “Oh, you used to fuck her?”

“Something like that,” he said.

“Ha, and you wouldn’t mind fucking her again?” She was baiting him.

“Um, something like that.”

I can remember looking at her and thinking, she’s not well dressed. She’s out of shape. She had fat hips. She didn’t have very good boobs. She wasn’t particularly pretty. The only thing she had going for her is that she was young. And as I was putting her down in my head, Pet came down, totally drunk, without his shirt. Down the hallway and outside, and she immediately dumps the two boys and latched on to him. Everyone was watching, probably at least twenty people, and Wigger was mad because she knew what was going to happen next.

I didn’t, and I was totally shocked when Pet and the slut started walking away from the crowd, down towards an alleyway together. This dark alleyway, turn right, and disappear.

Wigger started wigging out. “She’s gonna give him a blowjob!”

Whore of Babylon

Whore of Babylon

I thought to myself, no way! What kind of a woman goes into an alley with a guy she barely knows, in the dark, drunk, and he’s drunk, and they weren’t going to talk about politics or philosophy! Goth started laughing, that crazy laugh that she does, and said “she’s gone to give Pet a blowjob for his birthday!”

So while we were all laughing and speculating about what was going on in the dark, Pet came out, zipping his pants up, and walks straight past everybody, back into the hallway and back up to his apartment.

About a minute later, the slut comes back. She walked out alone. She went back to the two boys, but they were really mad at her. They didn’t want anything to do with her anymore.

I wanted the $200 whore to think He was fucking me, so I went up to him. He was talking to some girl and I told him we had to go.

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  1. Hipster Racist
    June 12, 2014

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    It’s great fiction, but this guy sounds like an asshole. This Whisperer chick should run as fast as she can, he’s obviously just using her for sex.


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