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(Warning: Adult content!!  This is Erotica about a couple in a D/s relationship.  If you are offended by such things, refuse to become enlightened, and/or under the age of 18 [sorry, kids], please do not proceed.)

…continued from ‘Anticipation’.


I hold my breath as He pulls me against Him and drops His hand to my ass.  He squeezes firmly which presses me tighter against Him, and I feel His erection growing.  I exhale in a rush, and He growls as He drops His forehead to mine, “Resisting you is much more difficult than you could ever imagine, you sexy… gorgeous… naughty girl.  But you will know just how fucking hard it’s been after tonight. I’m going to make you come as many times as you made my dick jump today.”

Oh holy hell.  I’m so wet that the insides of my thighs are completely slick, and he’s barely even touched me.  This is going to be One. Hot. Night.  And the anticipation… That is the sweetest part.

I inhale his scent, taking in as much as I can before he releases me.  His hand rises to the back of my neck, and he turns, guiding me forward with him in the home theater.  I stop when he let’s go, waiting for instruction, feeling very much under his command.  One corner of his mouth pulls up before he turns to start the movie and dim the lights. I stand frozen, watching him, and thinking of almost nothing.  I smile as I realize how freeing that is.

When he turns around and makes his way back to me, his eyes are dark and cloudy again, his mouth and jaw set and his nostrils slightly flared.  The smoldering expression tweaks my nipples and plumps my clit, and I stare, taken by his ability to do this to me with only a look.  He walks towards me, and raises a hand to my throat.  My eyes close of their own accord as his fingers grip lightly and pull me towards him.  I feel his breath on my cheek, as his other hand slides over my breast and belly, straight into my panties.

“I think I’ll take one of those orgasms before dessert, sweet girl,” he growls in my ear, and his fingers slips between my folds.  He pushes three inside, quickly, causing me to gasp. “It’s going to be fast, but you are just going to stand here and let me take it.  Understand?”

“Y-yes, Sir.” I whisper, my eyes still closed and breath very shallow.
“Open your eyes.”
I obey, and he smiles, which relaxes me.
“Good girl, now hold your arms behind your back, and move your feet apart.” He presses and kneads that spot just inside, and I have to refrain from bucking against it.  He meant it.  It’s going to be fast.

Once I’m standing in a satisfying position, he pulls his hand out of me just long enough to pull down my panties so that they hang from my hips.  He tightens his grip around my neck and then pounds 3, maybe 4 fingers into me, aiming for that sweet spot while his thumb drums against my clit.  My body wants to deny him access, the pleasure too intense, too incredible, but his hand on my throat reminds me to be still, to allow him to continue.  It doesn’t take long before my legs develop a mind of their own, so he uses his own to pin them open.  As he rams against me, I stare into his eyes, and he groans, “I’m stealing this moment to remind you that your pleasure is mine.”

His words wash over me and I feel my muscles contracting and quivering already. “You don’t get to decide anymore.  I do.  Your orgasms are mine, and I want one.  Come NOW!”


His command is like a button push, I feel my pussy clamp down on his fingers and as he continues to move them, the dam bursts.  My whole body convulses, only his hand around my neck and under my pussy keep me upright.  I hear screams vibrating from my throat, and I ride the sound until it stops.  I must have closed my eyes, but when I open them, that heady, smoky desire in his eyes releases another set of quakes deep within me.

“Such a good, sweet girl,” he exhales as he withdraws his fingers and then reaches them up to his lips.  He sucks on one finger, and my pussy twitches again as my lips part.  “You’re almost as sweet as that dessert that is waiting for us. Taste,” he rumbles as he glides his middle finger over my lips and into my mouth.  I suck on it, and whine when he takes it away.  Hungry for his flesh, I desperately want to pleasure him.

“Don’t worry, little one.  We have all night.  For now, I’d like to taste that lovely dessert while we watch our movie.”  He releases my throat, but I don’t move.  I wait, silently seething with desire as I watch him pick up a towel that I didn’t even notice before, and wipe his hands.  Then he steps towards me and slides the towel down my chest and belly, then between my legs.  A moan escapes my lips as it glides over my swollen clit, and he drops to his knees, drying my thighs and sliding my panties down to my ankles.

He lifts one foot, and then the other, freeing me of my lace and satin. He rises onto his knees and forces my legs further apart while his hot breath tickles my bare pussy.  I stare down at him with wide eyes as he flicks his tongue against me, and then sucks my clit into his mouth.  I inhale sharply and groan at the intensity.  I force myself to remain still, desperately wanting him to continue but sure this isn’t part of his plan.  But when he doesn’t stop, I give into the pleasure, and my hips fall into a rhythm with his tongue.  His hands glide up the back of my thighs just before his fingers dig into my behind, pulling me hard against his mouth while his bites down lightly on my clit.

When he releases me, leaning back on his heels to stand, I whine, “Please, sir… No…”
“Remember yourself, sweet wife.  Who gets to decide when you come?”
“Please!  I- …You do, Sir…. I’m sorry.” I whimper, dropping my eyes as he stands.
He steps toward me, and raises my chin with one finger, so that I look directly into his eyes. “That’s right, baby. But don’t worry. You will come. In fact, you may just beg me to STOP making you come by the time I’m finished with you.” His thick, gravelly voice steals another tremor and as his lips drop to touch mine, my knees finally give, and he has to wrap his hand around my throat again to hold me up.

He wraps his other around me, and uses his fingers to unclasp my own from my forearms.  My hands tingle at my sides for a moment before his strong fingers massage down one arm, bringing the blood back to my skin, and then switching hands to do the same on the other side.  His hands glide back up my arms and tugs my bra straps off my shoulders before reaching behind me to unhook the clasp, while raking his teeth over that sensitive spot on my shoulder. I sigh as He pulls the straps off my arms and tosses my bra aside.

He washes his lips over mine again before guiding me to sit.  It feels as though there are several towels on the cushion below me, which serves to fill my head with ideas of what might happen.  I force them out of my head as soon as they enter, allowing my submission to overturn my curiosity.

He pulls a hair tie from his pocket and whispers for me to put my hair up in a knot.  I twist and wrap my dark, blonde locks into a tight bun and wrap the tie around it several times.  I look back up at him, and he grins down at me. His smile relaxes me so easily, and I watch only his beautiful face, as he wraps my panties around my wrists, binding then together in front of me. He lifts them up and over my head, to dangle down the back of the chair.

“Good girl.  You just tell me if gets uncomfortable.  I don’t want you to use your hands.”

He steps back to look over me.  He makes a lovely sound of appreciation, deep within his chest.  “Oh, sweet wife. You are a treat.” His eyes fill with that stormy, dark look and his voice drops to that velvety depth that sends me deeper into my submission.  He could tell me to do anything.  I would complete the task with vigor and ask for another.

“Now, let’s have some dessert!” He sits next to me, picking up the remote control.  I giggle as he presses play and picks up the plate, and then pout as he crosses his legs, fully clothed and dives into a forkful of my delightful, chocolate lava cake.

He glances at me and chuckles, “You didn’t really expect to get any, did you?” My lips curl down, furthering my pout.
“Hmmm, no.  I think I’d like to hear you beg.” He lifts another forkful to his lips, and makes that sound of appreciation that I often wish were reserved only for me, but since I made the dessert, I won’t get too jealous.
“Oh please, Sir, may I have a taste?”
“You can do better than that, little one. That was just a question!”
I bat my eyelashes and lower my chin so that I’m looking up at him through them, “Please, please, please, can I have just one bite?  Pretty please, with sugar on top?”
He stares at my mouth, so I continue. “And whipped cream?  And a cherry? And chocolate syrup?”  I finish by wetting my lips with the tip of my tongue and parting them slightly.  He loves my mouth.  It’s so fuckable.

He scoops a forkful off the plate, making sure to drench it in lots of the gooey “lava”, and then leans across me and pulls the lever to lay back the recliner before he pushes back the top of the sofa so that I’m laying almost flat. He quickly shifts to straddle me, and I feel his erection press against my stomach.  He lowers the fork to my mouth until the tip rests against my lips. The gooey chocolate drips into my mouth, but I wait.  I wait for him to give, to let go, to allow, to command.  He rumbles again, watching and enjoying my submission.  He slides the fork into my mouth and I close my lips and teeth around it as he pulls it back.

The flavor, mixed with his power over me, sends goosebumps across my flesh.  He lowers himself on top of me, his cock pressing into my thigh while he holds himself above me with one elbow on the arm of the couch.  I swallow, and pull my head up until our lips touch.  He bites my lower lip, and thrusts his tongue into my mouth, swirling around and massaging my own.  I moan into his mouth and try to shift beneath him.  He kisses me harder, and shifts his hips, grinding his rock hard dick against my dripping pussy.  I pull my legs up around him, digging my heels into his ass.

He raises off of me and growls, “You are making me miss my movie, sweet wife.”  He continues to grind his pelvis against mine for a mere moment before standing, straddling the reclined foot rest and gliding his fingers over my pink points.  He squeezes my breasts before smacking them both and then pinching my nipples.  “You are such a naughty little slut, sometimes.”

I’m writhing beneath him, as he continues his assault on my tits, pinching, squeezing.  My moans turn into to groans, my pussy is clenching and quivering. I’m about to come.  “Please sir, may I come?” He looks into my eyes while he slides his hand between my legs and teases my clit.

“No, you don’t come until I want you to.” His fingers rotate around my clit, so softly, it’s torture. “Just look at me. Listen to me.  Breath, precious girl. You can do it.  You can hold on.”

I stare into his eyes, concentrating on each breath in and out.  His fingers circling, pressing.  I bear down, to keep my muscles from clenching.  “Do you want more, sweet wife?”

“Yes, Sir.  Please, Sir!”  I moan, closing my eyes.
“No.  Keep them open,” he growls, smacking my thigh.  Once I do, he circles again.  “You come when I say.  This is my pussy.  This is my orgasm. You can do it, little one.”  His encouragement pushes me but relaxes me at the same time.  I concentrate on my breathing.  I concentrate on not coming.
“Now, do you want more, wife?”
“I…. You said….”  My mind is swimming.  The pleasure is intense and I feel myself losing my grip.  No, this is his orgasm. That’s why he’s asking.  He wants my acknowledgement, he needs to know I feel his control. “If it pleases you, Sir,” I whisper, swimming in his jade green eyes, melting against his caress.

“Mmmm…. Good, good girl.” He exhales, and slides a finger inside me.  “You are doing so good.  Hold on for me.  I’m not ready for you to come.”

He lowers the foot rest, and slides to his knees between mine.  I concentrate on breathing, and watch as his dips his lips to my clit. He circles and sucks, then rumbles against me in appreciation, “You ARE as sweet as your dessert, my lovely girl.”

His light touch soon gives way to his furious desire.  He slips two fingers inside, rotating them then wriggling against that electrical spot.  His rhythm increases and my mind spins.  My head falls back against the seat, I can’t keep my eyes open any longer.  I’m concentrating hard on holding back, but the punishing pleasure he lathes over the most sensitive parts of my womanhood are edging me closer and closer to failure.

My pussy clenches and he pulls back slightly, “Just a little longer, sweet girl, hold on for me.”  But he dives right back in and I feel as though I’m starting to float out of my body.  I pull all my thoughts to my lungs, physically forcing each breath in and out, while he sucks, licks, presses, pushes, and vibrates. I feel myself clench again and tremble, I bear down against the impending orgasm, willing it to hold off, before actually hearing myself breath, “No, no, no, no….”


I open my eyes and he is looking up at me, watching me.  I stare into his eyes, my climax ebbing higher and higher.  I know it’s about to crash, breaking me into thousands of pieces, but I beg my body, silently to wait.  He wants me to wait. He needs me to wait.  I hold my breath to stop it.  He leans back on his heels, his thumb taking the place of his tongue.

“Such a good, sweet girl.  I want you to come now.  As many times as your body will let you.”

He drives his fingers deep inside of me, increasing the pleasure almost to the point of pain.  He smacks my clit several times and then rubs it, between two fingers, in that perfect way that makes me explode.  I bear down, trying to relax all the muscles I have held so tight for so long, and with a raspy and releasing scream, I let go.  I feel the gush first and then the incredible waves of my orgasm crash against me, hard.  My body convulses while I grip the back of the sofa as best as I can with bound wrists, to keep myself from sliding off.

He continues to hammer into me, now with four fingers, and he presses his pinky of the other hand into my ass.  He licks and sucks up my juices while I writhe against his lips.  Before the first orgasm is completely over, I am pushed right back up to the edge, soaring over it and crashing again.

He pushes me over and over, to the point I’m not even sure what is going on.  I open my eyes after countless orgasms to find myself on the floor.  “Sir?” Then I feel his hands on my legs.  He is stroking me and posing me.  He pushes my knees under my belly. Unties my wrists and rubs life back into my hands.

“Yes, sweet wife.  We’re not done yet.”  His voice is gravelly and, in that way that only I would understand, I know that it is time for a spanking.

He pulls my arms behind my back and ties them together with his belt.  He massages my ass for a moment before leaning over me so that his mouth is at my ear.  I feel his incredible, now naked, erection between my ass cheeks, and he slides it back and forth before whispering, “This spanking is for me, so it’s going to hurt and it’s going to be long.  I don’t know how long, but if it gets to be too much, just tell me.  Then I’m going to fuck you raw.”

His voice and his words make my clit twitch and stomach flip.  Before he moves back, he reaches his hand beneath me and pinches my nipples, hard, until I cry out.  Each one left throbbing, which only adds to the fire between my legs.

When his hands find my ass again, he rubs them in circles over my flesh, before sitting back and throwing the first smack.  It is hard and stings, but is followed immediately by one on the other side.  He moves, and I feel his rock hard cock against the side of my thigh.  I moan against the hits as I imagine him fulfilling the latter part of his promise after the punishment.  Before long, I lose myself in the blows, still feeling each one, but at a level unknown by most. Simply there, accepting them.  He needs to spank me.  I need him to spank me.  It’s a wonderful synergy.  And I’m only slightly aware that my body rises to meet each strike.

I’m brought back to earth by a trickle of fluid down the inside of my thigh.  My clit is throbbing.  My nipples ache.  But mainly, my insides are hungry for him.  That insatiable desire for the sweet dessert of a well balanced punishment.  Suddenly his fingers dip inside me, and then his thumb.  “Oh, sweet, sweet wife.  Even after a beating like that, you’re ready to be filled, aren’t you.”

“Yes, Sir.  Please.  And Thank You…”  I smile, feeling the incredible heat from my ass cheeks.  I hope he’ll fuck me right now, just like this, so that, with every stroke, I’ll feel what his hands have just been doing.

As if granting my wish, he pushes into me hard.  I gasp at the sudden fullness and then moan as he slowly slides back and forth.  He leans down and I feel his lips on my shoulder, then his teeth, as he increases his pace.  The fullness of each thrust is incredible.  He rears back, grabbing the knot on top of my head, and ripping the hair tie off.  Then he slowly wraps my hair around his hand, as his right hand skims over my behind, radiating heat between us.

Suddenly, he pushes his thumb into my ass, and pulling my hair tight, he pummels into me like thunder.  My pussy clenches and quivers around him, and I can’t believe I’m going to come again.

“That’s it, sweet girl, give it to me.  Let me have another!” He yells, and the waves crash over me.  I scream my release, and my whole body trembles.  I’m sure I cannot take any more when he releases my arms from the belt and swivels me around as he sits on the floor.  He wraps my arms around his neck and thrusts his tongue into my mouth.  His fingers dig into my hips, pushing me to grind against him, before they travel back up to my breasts.

“I can’t,” I whisper against his lips, my body failing to follow my command.
“Yes you can.  And you will.  Open your eyes.”  I obey, and look into the pale, green depths of his.
“Yes, Sir….” I exhale against his lips as I push my hips to move.
“I’m not done with my little slut yet.  My cock wants more.” My eyebrows jump, I love it when he talks like this.
“It feels so good, buried in your hot, little pussy.”

I moan and grind faster, as he slips his tongue back into my mouth and kisses me wildly.  I squeeze my muscles and move back and forth, and his fingers pinch and pull at my nipples.  He shifts to grab my throat, pushing me back and lifting my heavy tit to his mouth.  He bites and licks, and I increase my speed more, my muscles clenching on their own.  He drops his hand between us, and presses my clit with his thumb, rubbing it fast while still holding onto my neck and my nipple.  The intensity is too much and I quickly topple over the edge, yet again, screaming his name and writhing against his embrace.

“Please… no more…” I whisper breathlessly, my body exhausted, and my mind imploded.

“Yes, I do believe we are done with dessert… And the movie, which you have made me miss.  Yes… we will have to finish this in bed.”  He smiles at me, nose to nose, looking into my eyes and stroking my cheek, but never letting go of my throat.

He’s still not done? My mind races, I’m sure I cannot take any more, and I open my mouth to protest, but he closes it with a raise of his eyebrow.  He lifts me off him and sits me on the sofa, while he stands, but he never lets go of me until we are both standing. “You owe me several more, baby.  I made a promise I plan to keep,” he breathes against my lips before enveloping me in a consuming kiss.

My knees are weak, but I don’t even finish the thought before he tosses me over his shoulder and makes his way to the stairs.  “To bed little one, where I can make love to my precious wife.”

…to be continued.
If you are all worked up and need more now, please head over to my blog, PushingOurLimits.wordpress.com to read some of my other fiction. Enjoy!

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In my late thirties, as a wife, a mother, an administrative manager… As a woman in emotional flux, I spread my fingers across a keyboard one day to defeat the boredom inside my mind. I found that truth was actually quite interesting. I found that the imaginary was even more interesting. I found that I could write. And, Mel Douleur was born.

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