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Heartbreakers II

Little Miss Fuck and Run's Doppleganger

Little Miss Fuck and Run’s Doppleganger

Think of it as the story of one second.

At the beginning of the second, I had a pleasant flashback of Little Miss Fuck and Run on her knees, staring up at me with those eyes of hers. At the end of the second, I had a vision of my body being dumped in some dumpster somewhere in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

I fucked up, big time.

So I’m sitting in some cafe somewhere across the table from Mr. Spooky and his wife, Mrs. Spooky. I’m going “blah blah blah something something,” when some black haired girl walks by the window. I had this flash of recognition. I hadn’t really even thought about Little Miss Fuck and Run for months, I wasn’t even sure if she was still in the country. But this girl reminded me of her for whatever reason, and my mind flashed back to that time at her apartment, in the first week, when everything was still hot.

Then, it flashed to the time when Mr. Spooky had put a thumbdrive in my laptop. Of course, I’m using a unique, highly secure operating system, but what do you know, the day after he figures that out her’s got a brand new set of files on the thumbdrive compatible with my system. I kind of was suspicious at the time, but figured it didn’t matter, there was nothing on the laptop that mattered and even if he did manage to install some trojan, he wouldn’t get anything of interest anyway. I remembered the “click” when it went in, and how he looked at me intensly for a second, to see how I would react. I just stayed blank and we went on.

Mr. and Mrs. Spooky

Mr. and Mrs. Spooky

So at the cafe, I stopped mid sentence, and my mind completely went blank. I had no fucking idea what I had been saying and could not for the life of me remember. I start to panic. I’m thinking, “shit shit shit say something keep talking” but nothing comes out. I’m fucking frozen with fear. Mr. and Mrs. Spooky wait for me to continue. I glance back at Mr. Spooky, he’s giving me that same look, juding my reaction. “Shit shit shit say something keep talking.” Two seconds, nothing. Three seconds, silence, four five six … oh shit. Mr. and Mrs. Spooky are both staring at me, waiting for me to go on, and I haven’t the slightest clue what I was talking about. Seven, eight, nine, ten. Now it’s getting uncomfortable. Eleven, twelve, oh fuck. Finally, my brain kicks into gear again, and I go on. “Blah blah blah something something.” Mr. and Mrs. Spooky look satisfied. I excuse myself and go into the restroom, splash some cold water on my face, look in the mirror, and think “what the fuck have you gotten yourself into?”

Crazy bitch. They had gotten to her. They turned her. That’s why she showed up again, and that’s why she set this whole thing up for me. Fuck.

Crazy Bitch Set Me Up!

Crazy Bitch Set Me Up!

The car ride back to the office with them was the longest ten minutes of my life. Mr. Spooky is driving, Mrs. Spooky is in the back, and I’m up front in the passenger seat. Everyone is playing along as if everything is normal. We get back, Mrs. Spooky gets in her car and Mr. Spooky and I go back to his office and just keep working as normal. 5:30 rolls around and he says he’s got to go, so I walk out with him, get in my car, and drive back to the hotel. I throw everything in my bag, grab the iron and smash my cell phone to pieces, then the laptop, take out the hard disk, smash that too, but I can’t really do a good enough job, so I just bring it with me to throw out the window somewhere along the way.

I get in the car and just start driving and don’t stop. I have to stop and get gas twice, use the restroom, but other than that I just drive straight back to the farm. It’s just starting to get light outside when I finally make it back. I crawl into bed with Whisperer, grab her and hug her, smell her. She’s wakes up a little and says “I didn’t expect you back for another week.” I say, “yeah I missed you too.”

Then I just collapse in exhaustion and fall asleep.


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