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Esoteric exercise systems available on youtube to help the office worker de-slouch his or her anatomy

Make sure you get a youtube downloader and capture these (and other) brilliant exercise videos.  The following exercise routine that I recommend takes less than an hour:

Warmup — Twerking:


yoga-womanLearn how to do it from this video, and do sets of 50.  Don’t overdo it, start with one set at a time, but work up to a total of 500 over months.  Try it at different levels, while being careful for your knees.  One can go very deep into a sort of “sumo twerk,” but again, be careful with your knees.  High twerking is also beneficial so if that’s all you can do safely, then it’s well worth it to do only high twerking.  Getting the pelvis moving, awakening those dormant office worker pelvic muscles is very very good for you.

Any yogi or kung fu practitioner will instantly see an excellent exercise in twerking.  Office workers will get tremendous value from twerking, as we sit around all day with our pelvises in a static and unhealthy position for hours on end.  Twerking counters the harm of sitting and strengthen the core in a way that would make Joseph Pilates green with envy.  I think had Mr. Pilates seen “twerking” he would have incorporated it into the Pilates Method.

Standing qigong — Falun Gong.  I have an unorthodox recommendation for doing qigong, namely, flex your neck muscles while you do it, and maintain a constant connection between your neck muscles to your shoulder muscles and back muscles.  Modern people slouch forward constantly.  Flexing your neck muscles, particularly the muscles in the back and sides of your neck, and feeling how they connect to the muscles around your shoulder blades, will counter the office worker slouch.  This takes about 20 minutes


wengerna-com-Yoga2Back bending yoga with Claire Missingham.  She has several good videos, but I recommend a focus on backbending.  Again, because slouching office workers need back bends more than forward bends.  With this particular routine, if you make it to 16 minutes, it gets easier and more static.  The first 16 minutes can be grueling but rewarding.  From 16 minutes to 28 minutes she does more static poses, but when she goes into the full back bend pose, the “wheel” as it’s called, you can stop unless you can actually do the wheel.  If so, good for you.  I most certainly cannot.  This yoga routine will make you STRONG, and a lot less likely to suffer orthopedic type injuries.


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    October 1, 2013

    I love yoga!

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    October 1, 2013

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